Our reason for existing is to help coffee roasters do their jobs. That means increased efficiency, greater consistency in your product, greater accuracy in your adjustments to roast profiles, faster training of new employees, and greater pleasure in the act of roasting coffee.

First, RoastLog is simply a set of tools that artisan roasters can use while continuing to roast just as they have been, having their hands on the airflow, gas knob, trier. etc. By automatically logging data, allowing time-associated notes to be taken during a roast and by providing an easy way to cup against roast profiles, we help roasters get better and better at fine-tuning their roasts. The result of that fine tuning is an excellent guideline, in the form of an ideal profile and notes, for production roasting. With RoastLog, you can have your most experienced roasters and cuppers develop the profile for a coffee and then have a reasonable expectation that your junior roasters can match that profile. We know many roasters who work hard to produce great, consistent coffee. RoastLog just makes it easier to do so. Consistent, high quality product is good for business.

Second, we believe web-based applications to be a huge boon to small business owners. Having run our own small business for a little while now, we are well aware of how all-consuming it can be. Having your roast data on a web site makes it very easy to check-in on how things are going. Are things on schedule? Do the profiles look right? How’s that new employee doing? You have the freedom to be elsewhere. You have a few less reasons to feel the need to run back to the office to check on something. Tahiti anyone? Hands-off management and vacations are good for business.

Third, with our upcoming inventory system roasters will spend less time counting beans and more time roasting and selling coffee. Especially for roasters who buy a lot of coffee by position and need to think a year or more ahead, the Coffee Informatics Inventory System will provide you with easy, clear tools that show you:

  • your position
  • what’s in the warehouse
  • what’s on premises
  • the rate you are roasting or have roasted any given bean for any period of time
  • cost for green bean – at the delivery level
  • cost for roasted bean and blends
  • and more…

Again, it’s all about making roasters’ lives easier, letting them spend more time roasting and less time with spreadsheets and pieces of paper. Tighter inventory, better projections and less time spent on more accurate orders is good for business.

RoastLog is good for business. Give us a risk free try with our 90 day money back guarantee: Sign Up for RoastLog.


Seok Lee · August 16, 2010 at 8:43 am

My name is Seok Lee.
The ROASTING LOG is very interesting to me.
Where can I purchase the ROASTING LOG?
By internet? or the agent in KOREA?

I’d appreciate if you could tell me.

Thank you

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