Understanding roasting events based on when they occur

Time and temperature of roast events, e.g., first crack, provide significant details for understanding roast development. Looking at first crack and other roasting milestones through another lens, can help shed light on how these events impact cup quality.

Within the details page for any batch of roasted coffee, one will find a slew of information – time/temperature curves, of course, and other granular detail such as batch size, bean lot details, shrinkage, cost of roasted coffee, and roasting event milestones among others.

Focusing on the list of events in the table below the chart for the moment, you’ll notice a new method for quantifying when these events occurred in relationship to overall roasting time. These events now include the “roast progress” as a percentage of total recording time.

Rather than solely relying on time and temperature for roasting events, users can evaluate when key events occur relative to the overall roast.

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