Producer/Farmer & Contract details all under one roof!

Green coffee purchasing decisions can be complicated; and in many respects, it’s what sets apart the best cafes and roasteries. Now it’s possible to collect and organize all the details related to your coffees in one place.

In addition to details about bean lots, cultivation, processing and physical attributes, RoastLog now manages additional producer and contract-related information.

Screenshot of Producer & Contract details for a new bean lot.

Screen capture of Producer & Contract Details on new bean lot page.

Producer info:
  • Producer/Farmer name
  • Region
  • geocoordinates
  • elevation
Contract details:
  • pricing
  • purchase order number
  • importer
  • contract number
  • delivery/warehouse Terms
  • sample types
  • Contract terms
  • contract date
  • crop year

We’ve even made an effort to help you organize the alphabet soup of acronyms found on purchase contracts.

Here are the predefined list of delivery/warehouse terms:

Warehouse/Delivery terms

Here are the contract terms:

Contract terms

There’s even a list of different sample types:

Sample Types

We’re working hard to make RoastLog the best way to manage your green inventory. Let us know how we’re doing!