This update is a bit late to all of our existing customers.  We’ve been plugging away diligently here at RoastLog on a few new (and major) things, but have also made some updates to our existing software.  Here is the latest and greatest:


The current version is now 0.9.8, and all users should download and install this free upgrade.



These new builds address a few annoyances and bugs:

  • New feature: added a temperature offset. You’ll find this setting in the preferences so you can adjust the temperature up or down.
  • Fixed a bug in which made recording offline impossible in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug which allowed hiding of all columns in Roast Queue
  • Fixed a bug where the bean name column was resizing too small in Roast Queue
  • Improved initial UI layout for new users
  • Set sensible x and y limits on graph by default when there is no background roast


Our inventory system which we’ve been talking about for some time is nearing its first phase for testing. SCAA is just around the corner now, and we’re excited to be presenting the first online inventory system designed specifically for coffee roasters. It’s pretty awesome.

Four Channel Data Bridge

From day one we realized that we needed a Data Bridge with more than one input.  We’re pretty excited to have our first prototype in hand.  This one not only will accommodate up to four thermocouples, it will also accept either type-J or type-K.  We plan to have this available at the SCAA show in Houston, along with our inventory system.

RoastLog v2 Data Bridge

RoastLog Data Bridge version 2, with four thermocouple connections (either type-J or K)

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