Getting ready for RoastLog

If you are in the planning stages of your business, you are in luck. We get the challenges that new startups face. We want to help you get your roastery off the ground.

This is why we’re excited to introduce a new program that allows qualified startups to use RoastLog for up to *one year for free!  This is a way for us to “pay-it-forward” and to acknowledge the help we have received on our journey.

When we set out to start our own company, we needed tools to help us manage our day-to-day operations. Although tremendously useful, most of these tools were expensive — at least for a few guys bootstrapping a startup. It was the proverbial chicken-and-the-egg predicament.

Sign up for RoastLog and get access to our most popular features: roast profile logging and automated inventory management. Incorporating RoastLog early on will allow you to establish a rich repository of roast-related information from the start. Use RoastLog to:

  • dial in your roast profiles
  • ensure quality & consistency
  • experiment with new coffees
  • manage your green coffee inventory

Other bonuses includes keeping track of contracted coffees, online maintenance logs for roasting equipment, green coffee delivery planning/check-in, online cupping notes, and the ability to track what you have paid for your coffees.

Using our 4-input Data Logger even let’s you track additional time/temp profiles per roast, e.g., environment air, exhaust air temps and afterburner performance. (Contact us for more information about using RoastLog for air quality management record keeping requirements.)

Program Highlights

  • Monthly subscription waived for up to one year (this is the free part!)
  • Full product support
  • Access worldwide-community of RoastLog users
  • Key Small Plan features:
    • Roast profile logging
    • automated inventory management
    • Cupping note logs
    • Roasting equipment maintenance logs

We love good coffee and selfishly we want to see it spread far and wide. This is our way of doing our small part to make it happen. Sign up or contact us (support (at) roastlog (dot) com) to get registered.

We look forward to joining you on your journey!
– The RoastLog Team

Wait, we’ve been operating for 3 months…  What about us!?

You’re building momentum. We get that.

You want to streamline part of your business. We’re with you.

You want to focus on your product, customers & profitability. Check, check and ditto.

If you’ve been in operation for less than 12 months, we haven’t forgotten about you. Here’s what we’d like to do to help you continue on your path:

Waiting on the delivery of your new roaster?

Perfect! Put us directly in touch with your roaster manufacturer and we can ensure that your roaster arrives RoastLog-ready. There is a good chance that we have worked with them before.

*The fine print:

  • Start-up status of business subject to verification.  Basically, please be honest.
  • Program includes free subscription to any RoastLog Small Plan (1-input or 4-input) for one year
  • Medium/Large plan upgrades available for nominal fee.
  • Hardware such as thermocouples, fittings & connectors may be supplied by the user, or available for purchase from us
  • Users are responsible for the cost of the RoastLog Data Bridge and shipping charges