Text “OPEN2” from any mobile phone to 411427

We’re back at the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s conference – in none other than Seattle, Washington.  This is the one time every year that we get to meet and spend quality time with many of our users.  SCAA is hands down one of our favorite events of the year.  Come by and see us in booth #16083!

If you’ve visited our booth in the past, you know we always bring something new with us to SCAA… this year is no different.  It’s our pleasure to announce the introduction of two new products:

The RoastLog Wireless Bluetooth Data Bridge

and accompanying iOS RoastLogger app




Both are the culmination of nearly a year of design, development and testing.  In addition to the ability to log temperatures from up to four thermocouples, we have added humidity and barometric pressure recording.  All of this technology has been wrapped into a device that communicates wirelessly with an iPad using the latest Bluetooth technology.

iPad App

It’s been a few years since the initial introduction of RoastLog.  At the time, no one else had commercialized anything quite like it. Our humble little company peaked enough interest to help us win the Best New Product Award – Open Class in 2010.  The roasting community has since embraced our products.

It’s truly been amazing to witness how craft and technology have come together.  The early complements and praise for our newest products have been greatly appreciated.  Help us repeat for the Best New Product Award – Open Class in 2014 by casting a People’s Choice vote.

Simply text “OPEN2” from any mobile phone to 411427

Voting is open from Apr 25 at 11am to April 26 at 7pm (PST)


Needless to say, we’re particularly excited to be at the SCAA conference this year.  Thanks for your continued support.