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Upgrading Your Roaster

September 17, 2015
We hear a lot from our users about optimizing the performance of their coffee roasters, so I thought I’d share this from the good folks over at Boot Coffee.  If you missed this video, check out these recommendations for roasting equipment modifications.

Courtesy of Boot Coffee

Video highlights:
  1. Burners:  Optimizing flame control with variable gas flow control
  2. Fan motors: Upgrade with potentiometer for better control of fan speed and addition of air pressure gauge
  3. Cyclone: Add for secondary chaff collection
  4. Roast Profiling:  Replacing analogue temp gauges with thermocouples and RoastLog for batch consistency
  5. Heat mass: Creating indirect heating of drum to improve uniformity of roasted coffee
Willem elaborates on these points and also covers selecting an appropriate thermocouple probe locations for enviro bean temp as well as other tidbits. The Boot Coffee video library is a treasure trove of tips and tricks.  Check them out at  Happy roasting!
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