If you are reading this blog, chances are you know that RoastLog is a continually evolving system of tools designed specifically for coffee professionals. From the very start we planned to keep developing and improving the RoastLog system with the goal of making the lives of coffee professionals easier. We recognize that coffee roasters, cuppers, brokers and other coffee professionals often do not have the technology tools needed to make the work we do simpler. We make do with spread sheets and photocopied cupping forms because that’s what is available. At RoastLog we are building better solutions and plan to keep doing so into the future. When we presented an early version of RoastLog to our beta testers last year, the product was usable, but we knew it could be so much more. We took the feedback our testers provided and made improvements by incorporating their ideas into the system. What you see now is the result of a calibration between RoastLog and the roasters who use it. But we’re not done yet.

As we get more and more roasters up and running with RoastLog we continue to ask for feedback in order to satisfy our goal of perpetually improving the system. One of the ways we are doing this is by providing RoastLog users and those who are interested in learning more about the system an interactive support mechanism. When you go to the RoastLog website and click on the help button in the upper right corner you will be taken to our help application. From there you can enter a question, idea or issue and someone on the RoastLog team will respond. You can also browse the topics that are already posted and even reply to threads by adding more information or following up with a related question.

At the moment, there are just a few entries listed and that is one of the reasons I am writing this blog. Whether you are a current user of RoastLog or you just want to ask a question or two before signing up, we are available to assist you through our help application. In fact, it is our preferred method to gather feedback and communicate with people interested in RoastLog! With your help, through this application, we hope to be able to build a one stop support structure for all of your RoastLog needs. Check it out: ask a question, report a bug, tell us your idea. This will be the fastest way for us to improve RoastLog and the most efficient means to discover what roasters want most. With this information we will plot future plans to keep on developing the system in the coming months and years. Together, with our community of roasters, we will keep building the tools you need to make your job easier. Just let us know what you want.