What’s been going on with RoastLog since the SCAA show in Houston last month? Well, we are on track to launch our much anticipated inventory management system. Ryan has been leading the charge, feverishly interviewing a dedicated group of beta testers to finalize the look and feel of the system we will finally be introducing in the coming weeks. We’re really excited to present an inventory system that has been developed specifically for the needs of coffee roasters.

Green coffee inventory presents unique challenges and we have build a system to address these issues. Take for example the fact that most roasters have limited space to store the green coffee that they have purchased. You might have bought a container of coffee that will satisfy your roasting needs for the next six months but, you can only store a couple of pallets of that coffee in your roasting facility at one time. No problem, you can keep your coffee at a green warehouse like the Annex and pull bags and pallets as needed. But how does this impact your inventory? After you add in the price per pound charge for storage and shipping, those bags you pulled last month were cheaper than what you are pulling now. The same coffee stored at different locations is ultimately going to have an impact on your cost of goods sold. Chances are the system you use now, whether it’s QuickBooks, Peachtree or your own tricked out Google Docs spreadsheet, is going to require a lot of manual data entry to get the numbers to justify and create accurate reports. The RoastLog inventory system takes the pain out of tracking this kind of information; we did this by listening to coffee roasters, understanding their needs and building a system that works. The system accounts for multiple storage locations, multiple roasting locations, movement of coffee and pricing variability.

Words on the screen are probably too abstract to fully explain what the RoatLog inventory system is all about. Because of this we are planning to offer a series of webinars that will explain how the system works. More news coming soon.


Linsey is Back

If you visited the RoastLog booth at the SCAA show, you may have had the pleasure of meeting Linsey Fan. As I mentioned in a previous blog, Linsey was involved with the prototype version of RoastLog a few years back but, now he has agreed to rejoin the team in a more formal capacity. Linsey’s background in sales and marketing is going to be a big help for our small company. Already Linsey is taking charge of our sales program, following up with roasters who expressed interest in the RoastLog system. Don’t be surprised if you get a call for Linsey in the coming weeks!

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