Here we are, less than a week away from the 2010 SCAA conference.  One year ago, I determined that this was the deadline…..RoastLog had to go from a really rough prototype to a real business with a real product by SCAA 2010.  I remember that plane ride home from Atlanta.  I opened up the MacBook Pro and started reorganizing code, starting to get ready for what I knew was coming soon.

Today, one year later, I can confidently say that we’ve hit our deadline.  It’s been absolutely crazy for the last three or four months.  Ryan, Ted and myself have been working our tails off collecting feedback, creating relationships and most importantly, building a fantastic product.  Our “alpha” stage has ended, and our testers are now hitting our vastly improved and highly evolved “beta” product.  By next Tuesday, we’ll be officially out of our beta testing stage and ready for prime time.

One of the many designs for our SCAA brochure

On Wednesday morning next week, the curtain will come off and RoastLog will officially arrive.  I think I can speak for all three of us when I say that “excitement” is an understatement.  We’re excited because we have a product that you’ll be excited about.  We’ve heard from more than one tester that the quality of their coffee has improved due to RoastLog.  The only thing better than that is hearing more people say the same thing.  From the get-go, we’ve been customer focused, building a product not that we thought was cool, but that coffee professionals needed.

For those coming to Anaheim, please stop by and say hi.  We may have a fancy logo, brand, etc., but really, RoastLog is Brian, Ted and Ryan.  We’re three guys with a families, day jobs, a good idea and the passion to build it.  Come and talk to us and we’ll walk you through what we’ve come up with.  We hope it’ll be useful to you and help you on a day-to-day basis while you produce a quality product for your customers.  As our customer, we’re going to treat you with respect, listen to your feedback and help you solve the problems you face daily as a coffee professional.

The last 12 months have been a wild ride, but I’m sure it’ll be nothing compare to the next 10 days.  See you in Anaheim.

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